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Zlata PR offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in integrated brand marketing and public relations across of variety of industries including beauty, consumer packaged goods, travel and hospitality, and spirits.
Working as both an independent organization and as a collaborative consultant for other agencies, we provide unrivaled service across a diverse set of industries. In addition to creating and executing traditional and social media campaigns, we have earned our clients features in national and international publications and broadcasts.

A Unique Perspective

President and Founder Zlata Faerman brings with her a unique perspective: As both a respected writer and professional publicist, she has an intimate understanding of how the industry functions. She not only knows how writers think, but also how strategically pitched angles benefit brands and journalists alike. She always knows who to talk to, when, and why.

It’s Who You Know

Perhaps more than any other industry, great PR is a product of great relationships. Zlata PR has successfully established a diverse network of contacts with travel specialists, beauty publications and even celebrities, providing quick and highly targeted access for brands who need to amplify their messages, products and missions.


While the specific KPIs vary from project to project and client to client, at the end of the day, every relationship we have is predicated on one thing: RESULTS. You need them. We’ve got them.


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